Integrative Medicine is considered a relatively new approach to health care in the United  States. Our current health care model does not allow time for exploring the effects lifestyle has on our health. It treats each problem separately without appreciating the interconnection of the body systems.

Going beyond treating symptoms with medications, Integrative Medicine empowers you to be active in your healing and lifelong wellness. This approach addresses the immediate health problem as well as the deeper causes of the illness. It focuses on prevention and the development of healthy behaviors and skills that you can use throughout your life.  The integrative approach is long overdue.

Integrative Medicine Focuses On:


  • A partnership between you and your health care team
  • Traditional medical treatments and complementary therapies based in science to help the body’s natural ability to heal
  • All factors that influence health, including mind, spirit, community as well as body
  • Natural, effective, less-invasive interventions whenever possible
  • Promotion of health and the prevention of illness and not just the treatment of disease

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Who Can Benefit from RESTORE’S Programs?


RESTORE is committed to providing integrated and holistic care to people at every stage of their journey towards achieving optimum health and improving quality of life.

Prevention Oriented or Worried About Your Family History?

Do you focus on living a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising but wish you had a physician you could partner with who believes as strongly as you do about prevention?

Experiencing Vague Complaints that Can’t Be Diagnosed?

Have you been subjected to countless and expensive tests in search of a diagnosis that fits the traditional medical model but never arrive at an answer or feel well?

Been Told You Are “Pre?”

Prediabetic, prehypertensive, or something else? You may already understand that these diagnoses, along with a positive family history, increase your risk for a variety of lifestyle-related illness.

Already Dealing with Significant Health Problems?

Have you thought that only traditional medical care could help you because of the complexities of your health problems? Are you suffering from multiple side effects of your medications and wonder how to reduce the number of medications you take?

Are you continuing to struggle with adopting lifestyle behaviors critical to improving your health condition?